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We can test & diagnose most modern Alternators. Most Alternators now have a Communication code with the vehicles ECU such as a LIN BSS COM plug. Smartcharge system Alternators can be bench tested and in Situ on the majority of vehicles.

We Test & Diagnose Alternators on a JBT Computerised Test Bed which measures Voltage -Leakage and Output Amps, it also gives you the  ripple pattern of the DC output. Testing & Diagnosis is free of charge. 

Clutch pulleys or Overunning Alternator Pulleys are used on most modern vehicles nowadays and we also carry every Alternator Pulley removal tool if this is the problem with an Alternator. These Clutch Pulleys assist the smooth running of Serpentine Drive Belts on the modern engines but can also cause a charging problem or a loud noise when faulty. They can also come adrift of the Alternator rotor if they're not replaced in time!

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